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Yoga DVDs On Demand

Yoga For FootballPower Yoga for Sports DVD – Football edition (Speed & Agility)
This DVD will zone in on all the areas of speed agility players on the gridiron.  It will teach you to open the hips to protect the knee from pounding and shock.  This DVD will give you new innovative ways to open the ankles and feet to prevent plantar fasciitis, arch pain, turf toe and at the same time increase your speed.  All the same techniques Gwen uses when teaching the NY Giants!

Yoga For FootballPower Yoga for Sports DVD – Football edition (Strength & Stability)
Different from speed and agility positions, Linemen are known for strength and stability. In this DVD, Gwen will show you how to open the hips and find comfort in a deep squat, and as well address the shoulder joint so you can absorb great force when blocking.  In addition Gwen will teach you easy ways to protect the wrist joint making it stronger and more flexible giving it great power to push and also protect itself in the event of a fall on the field. All the same techniques Gwen uses when teaching the New York Giants!

Power Yoga For Sports - BaseballPower Yoga For Sports DVD – Baseball Edition
Whether you are a first baseman relying on the split to make the out, or running top speed in the outfield, this Yoga DVD is a necessity for baseball players.  It will focus on opening up the hips for a more powerful swing at the plate; ankle strength and stability for a powerful stride; and open supple shoulders to protect the vulnerable joints and increase your velocity. Used by Professional athletes, NCAA champs and high school phenoms, this DVD covers it all.  Do it every day or do it once a week and watch your performance on the field get better every time.  Featuring all of the same techniques Gwen uses when teaching members of the NY Yankees, including Alex Rodriguez!

Power Yoga For Sports - BaseballPower Yoga For Sports DVD – (Pitcher’s Edition)
Calling all pitchers! Join Gwen for her first addition to her Power Yoga for Sports: Pitcher’s Edition in 2014. Use this online yoga video to not only make yourself a more efficient pitcher with ease of movement, but also use it to: balance the body, find greater symmetry, increase your power, increase your arm speed, increase your lower body strength, test your mental toughness and stay injury free all season. It is the perfect tool for every pitcher! Have a block and a strap available. This edition is designed to open the body of a pitcher in a meticulous order.  Start with half of the video until you feel great enough to complete it.(54 mins.)

POwer yoga for sports - RunnersPower Yoga For Sports DVD – Runners Edition
This DVD is the perfect compliment for all runners, from the avid runner to weekend warrior.  Running can create a very tight lower half and it the body can take a pounding. In this DVD you will be challenged to not only open the legs, but to also hold the stretches longer, so you can really dig in and get faster results.  You will learn to notice imbalances and to be responsible about addressing them before they lead to injury.

Power Yoga for Sports - TennisPower Yoga For Sports DVD  – Tennis Edition
This DVD will address the obvious needs of the tennis and racquet sports athlete: the shoulders and wrists, but it will also include with legs.  Tennis is a very active agile sport. So, not only do you need flexibility, but you also need strength in the legs and feet to get the best most powerful push off to change directions on the dime.  At the heart of this sport is a strong core, so we will toughen it up to unleash the champion within.

Power Yoga for Sports - GolfPower Yoga For Sports – Golf
In this DVD Gwen shows you the techniques she uses when teaching LPGA players.  It is important to keep the hips and back flexible and strong increasing your power to stroke the ball.  Also due to golf being a very one side dominant game Gwen will address the importance of keeping a balanced symmetrical body, to keep you healthier longer.  We will work shoulders and wrists to help perfect the victory form you are looking for.

Yoga for soccerPower Yoga For Sports DVD – Soccer Edition
This DVD will show you all the techniques Gwen uses when teaching the NY Redbulls.  Soccer players have hours of running and cutting on the field, not to mention running up to 9 miles a game. It is imperative to teach you how to open the entire leg from quadriceps and hamstrings to ankles calves and toes.  Also, due to the demands on the field Gwen will show you great ways to keep your back flexible strong and able to rotate better enabling you to see over your shoulder to protect the ball.

skierPower Yoga For Sports – Skier’s Edition
In any sport, it’s essential to be proactive when it comes to injury prevention. In skiing, this means… Cultivating strong legs to endure long, challenging slopes. Building exceptional back and abdominal strength to maintain perfect form for maximum control. Finding more openness and flexibility in the hips to protect the knees and better manage falls and unstable surfaces. Observing and combating muscular imbalances to support a smooth, graceful run down the mountain. Yoga helps to achieve all of this. 5 yoga poses, in particular, work wonders to bring your body into a state of equilibrium, so you can ward off injury and tackle the slopes for years to come.