Gwen’s Mission

Help people to increase their awareness in and of the world. Help create a positive global impact attentiveness of who and what they surround themselves with. Ridding the negative to create the lives they always dreamed of.

Incorporating :
Balance, Strength, Flexibility, Breath, Visualization, Mental training.  To help achieve their health goals. Use a Holistic approach to training the body and mind to achieve greatness.



Words To Live By

“I transform lives from good to great, helping people reach their highest potential by using my 6 Power Yoga for Sports principals to shift your current trajectory and attitude of thinking to:
Attain fitness
Find Balance
Create goals
Define personal happiness
With work, family, body and life the way only an intuitive yoga teachers teacher and seasoned MOM can!”

“Don’t look for the exit door”

“Find comfort in an uncomfortable situation”

“Pain Is temporary “

“Everything you are is a result of everything you think“


“Check your ego at the door”

“Don’t go to Florida when you only need to go to New Jersey”

“Talk it out, out loud”

“Ask Why!!”

“There is no can’t, should or try“

“I am temporarily unable to comply”

“You’ll achieve it in two weeks”

“Strength + flexibility = Power”

“Be inspired and humbled everyday”

“Trying is an excuse for future failure”


“Change your habit and you automatically become conscious”

“Visualize change”

“Look feel and realize”

“Be positive”


“The greatest form of suffering is in attachment”

“Be less reactive”

“Good is the enemy of Great”