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Gwen’s Testimonials

“The fact that Gwen knows the sports, she takes the time to get to know the different positions and different needs of the specific athlete she’s working with. And, I think that’s what sets Power Yoga for Sports apart…It’s just one of those things that I gotta incorporate into my life everyday.”

– Amani Toomer, NY Giants Wide Receiver

The Yankees have utilized Gwen Lawrence’s services as an alternative way of proving the core stabilizations program of our players through her system of Power Yoga for Sports. I have found her to be extremely professional and look forward to working with her more.”

– Brian Cashman, Senior V.P. & general Manager, New York Yankees


“We have been a client of Gwen Lawrence’s for twelve years and cannot give her a stronger recommendation. She has given us a tremendous boost in taking care of our various aches and pains and sports injuries over the years.”

-Joy & Regis Philbin


“Gwen has been the Yoga coach for the New York Giants all of the years I’ve been in the franchise. Our players flock to her sessions to improve their flexibility, balance and breathing awareness. She has had a tremendous impact on our performance enhancement.”

– Bill Sheridan, Assistant Coach, New York Giants


“Gwen is Great, she ALWAYS makes you feel like you can do it!”

-Hoda Kotb


“I have worked with Gwen for only a couple of months and I have recognized tremendous gains in my flexibility, core strength and balance which are essential to staying healthy and explosive. I consider myself lucky to have learned as much from Gwen as I have in such a short time.”
– Kevin Booth, Offensive Guard, New York Giants


“I had some unusual thoughts and preconceived notions about what yoga was really going to be and she kinda wiped those totally out…I really felt like it was going to be breathing and light stretching, but nothing could have been further than the truth.”
– Shaun O’Hara, Offensive Lineman, New York Giants


“My mom tried to get me to practice yoga for a long time before she found Power Yoga for Baseball online. I was 14 the first time I did it and as a senior in highschool I was using the DVD a few times a week. Now, I use it at least three days a week as a professional. I believe it has helped me with my flexibility, obviously, but also with my focus and ability to calm my self down if I need to, and with my balance. Its a great addition to my strength training. I am so glad to have found these DVDs because I am not sure I would have been open minded enough to really give yoga a chance if I had to do my mom’s videos or take regular yoga classes. Power Yoga for Baseball is the perfect way to introduce athletes to the benefits of yoga.”


– Dante Bichette Jr NYY First pick, 51st overall, 2011 MLB Draft

“Gwen Lawrence has been a personal friend of mine for over ten year. She has developed a unique profession that combines the best from the world of Yoga and Massage Therapy. She combines conventional stretching strength and balance training with the teachings of mental discipline and breath awareness. All of which are so vital in the world of professional athletics.”

– Frank Gifford, NHL Hall Of Famer

“She conducts class with tremendous professionalism and makes it challenging to the athletes. She relates very well to out players and commands their respect. I believe that Gwen is an outstanding Yoga Coach who provides a valuable experience for those athletes who consistently participate in her class.”

– Jerry Palmieri, Strength & Conditioning Coach, New York Giants


“My name is Gabriel Ruivo, and I’m a triathlete. The swimming part was the hardest for me, because my technique wasn’t very good.Then I met Gwen Lawrence and her innovated method,  Power Yoga For Sports. Since then, I’ve got more flexible and I improved my swimming technique, becoming faster and breaking my personal records! Thank you very much Gwen.”
-Gabriel Ruivo, Triathlete from Portugal